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Understanding Consequences in Your Criminal Case

Being charged with a crime can be a terrifying prospect, and you are likely going to have many questions for your attorney, but one of the most important that you will want to be answered is what happens to you because you were charged and if you are convicted. Read on to learn common terms […]

What Happens If You Are Charged With a Crime

So, you’ve been arrested or found out you had a warrant. It may seem like your world is crashing down, but a good attorney can help you out. The process can be long and daunting but read on to find out exactly how your case progresses through the court system, and remember your team of […]

Criminal Lawyers Can Make A Difference

People who are charged with a crime often make the mistake of going to court without an attorney. While you do have a Constitutional right to represent yourself, most of the time, this is a mistake.  Even a misdemeanor conviction can have long-term consequences. For example: A first offense conviction for the charge of driving […]

Family and Criminal Lawyers in Mobile: Protecting your Rights

Mobile is a sizable community in Alabama that’s home to one of the country’s oldest carnivals. As a melting pot of French, British, Spanish, African, and Native American cultures, it’s a very colorful place filled with lively people. As idyllic as Mobile sounds, however, it doesn’t necessarily mean that trouble is completely absent from the […]

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