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Who Gets Custody?

As family law attorneys, we get asked all the time, “How old do my kids have to be before they decide who to live with?” or “Do my kids have to go to visitation if they don’t like the other parent?” Under Alabama law, however, your children are not the ones who get to decide […]

So, You Want a Divorce…

Divorces are one of the most common types of cases we handle in our practice. Many people are confused or intimidated by the process. This post will walk you through the most common steps in your divorce proceedings and what to expect. Uncontested Divorces If your divorce is truly uncontested, that means that you and […]

What to Look for in a Good Divorce Attorney

We are often approached by clients who want a “bulldog” lawyer for their divorce case.  These clients have the mistaken impression that the only approach to a divorce is a “scorched earth” approach.  Sometimes, an aggressive approach is best but, more often, it is to the mutual benefit of all parties involved (especially the children) […]

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