Family and Criminal Lawyers in Mobile: Protecting your Rights

Mobile AL AttorneyMobile is a sizable community in Alabama that’s home to one of the country’s oldest carnivals. As a melting pot of French, British, Spanish, African, and Native American cultures, it’s a very colorful place filled with lively people. As idyllic as Mobile sounds, however, it doesn’t necessarily mean that trouble is completely absent from the city.

Violent and property crimes continue to be serious problems in Mobile, and misdemeanors are also on the rise. Helpless victims are in need of an able attorney to defend them in court, and so does those who have been accused of crimes like drunken driving, drug possession and violation of probation. Hence, those who stand accused can hire criminal lawyers in Mobile, like Shane A. Taylor P.C., to represent them in court.

The domestic front is not free from strife either; incidences of domestic violence can tear families apart. If spouses feel that their marriage has come to an end due to irreconcilable differences, or that they’ve begun to fear for their safety and their children’s, they can contact a family lawyer from Mobile AL to handle the divorce proceedings. Family lawyers can also deal with other concerns like child support, child custody, and alimony. With the help of highly skilled lawyers, former spouses can leave marriages with their dignity, assets, and custody of their children intact.

Individuals must work with lawyers who specialize in their areas of concern to achieve satisfactory results in their cases. For criminal defendants, an experienced lawyer can help them understand more clearly the charges being filed against them. The latter can also assess the available defenses and plea bargains that will likely be offered.

Spouses should look for family or divorce lawyers who can represent their interests in court and protect their rights. These attorneys should be able to help the parties sort out their differences, and obtain fair settlements for their clients.

The community spirit is very much alive in Mobile, as proven by the hospitality it showed the passengers and crew of the cruise ship Triumph, when it made an emergency dock in the area after its harrowing experience in the Caribbean. If that kindness takes a sinister turn, though, and results in loss of property, rights and peace, capable lawyers must be called upon to defend the rights of certain citizens and put things back in order.