Mobile Criminal Lawyers: Crime Must Be Paid Beyond Reasonable Doubt

Mobile AL Criminal LawyerCrime is an inevitable part of city living. Crime rates vary from state to state, and all of them, including Alabama, deal with criminal punishment in their own way. Respectable Mobile criminal lawyers, for example, will advice you that although you may get yourself a public defender, it’s important to note that largely because of huge caseloads, public defenders hardly have time to rally resources to work on, much less win your case.

About Criminal Law

In the United States, criminal law is defined as the branch of law that deals with breach of criminal codes and the commission of moral offenses against the general public. It seeks legal punishment of such offenses. Contrast that to civil law, for instance, which deals with non-criminal charges committed in the process of one citizen’s interaction with a fellow citizen.


US criminal law refuses to declare an accused guilty until evidence is presented as “proof beyond reasonable doubt”. This means that no matter how strong the evidence is, if there is still even the tiniest reason to doubt it, the courts will not convict an accused. In short, it is the prosecution’s (or the State’s) duty to prove the guilt of the accused, instead of the latter bearing “the burden of proof” for his innocence.

What is a Criminal Lawyer?

Criminal lawyers like Shane A. Taylor PC, Clay Massey PC, and Alex Zoghby, deal with the defense of persons accused of crimes defined under the legal definition of criminal offenses. While the state bears the burden of proof to show guilt, the defense, on the other hand, is tasked with investigating evidences for flaws that may disprove the prosecution’s claims.

Criminal Offenses

There are basically two types of offenses that may fall under criminal law: felony and misdemeanor. A felony is defined as offenses punishable by one year imprisonment to life, including death. This applies to the most serious of crimes, such as homicide, child abuse, and grand theft. Misdemeanor crimes are less grave, with punishments that range from one year to less and include only simple fines.

To get the justice you think you deserve if you are accused of a crime, consult with reliable Mobile criminal lawyers without delay. Choose a lawyer who’s ready to put in sufficient time to build your defense. The right attorney will never jeopardize your constitutional right to effective representation in a criminal court.