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Family Lawyer in Mobile AL: Your Legal Rights as Unmarried Parents

It’s not unusual for couples today to have children outside of marriage. If you live in Alabama, know that it’s important for unmarried parents to know their legal rights, as the state has custody laws that depend on the marital status of the parents. Unmarried parents generally have fewer rights than their married counterparts, and […]

Family and Criminal Lawyers in Mobile: Protecting your Rights

Mobile is a sizable community in Alabama that’s home to one of the country’s oldest carnivals. As a melting pot of French, British, Spanish, African, and Native American cultures, it’s a very colorful place filled with lively people. As idyllic as Mobile sounds, however, it doesn’t necessarily mean that trouble is completely absent from the […]

What to Look for in a Good Divorce Attorney

We are often approached by clients who want a “bulldog” lawyer for their divorce case.  These clients have the mistaken impression that the only approach to a divorce is a “scorched earth” approach.  Sometimes, an aggressive approach is best but, more often, it is to the mutual benefit of all parties involved (especially the children) […]

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