Help Us Help You – Client Expectations

When you hire an attorney to help you with your legal matters, you probably have some expectations of us: that we will fight on your behalf, keep you informed about your case, and represent your best interests in Court. We are happy to do all that and more; however, there may be some expectations of you that will help your case reach the best outcome.

First and foremost, even at the consultation stage, it is very important that you are upfront and honest with us. Most people want to make a good impression when they have just met someone and it is sometimes awkward and uncomfortable to have to tell a virtual stranger something “bad” that you might have done. But if there are potential criminal charges that may arise out of your conduct in a conversation with your wife about divorce, or even just infidelity, that has the potential to change our focus in the proceedings. Not knowing about the potentially harmful evidence against you can put you into a bad spot with your case.

Next, as we get your case started you need to make sure that you remain in contact with us for any additional information we may need, to sign and notarize documents to file, and to respond to discovery requests before you hit compel or sanctions and face negative consequences for your case. We will do everything we can to communicate with you, but we will need you to keep an eye on your phone and email.

As we get closer to any hearings in your case, we will again need information from you. Any potential witnesses you want at your trial will need to be subpoenaed and to do that we will need the names and addresses of those witnesses. We will need updated paystubs from you to calculate child support if applicable. We will need any exhibits you wish us to use at least two weeks ahead of time to be able to adequately review them.

At the hearing, there is a lot you can do to make your hearing go smoother. Arrive dressed neatly and professionally and arrive on time. If you fail to appear in court you can have a warrant issued in a criminal case, or have a default judgment entered against you in a domestic case.

Above all, stay in contact with your attorneys.  If you change your address or phone number, notify them immediately.  Also, don’t wait for your attorney to call you.  If you believe you need an update on your case, be proactive.  Call your attorney.  Speak with them or their assistant.  Remember, you and your attorney are a team.  You must work together to achieve the best possible outcome in your case.